Research Managers
Major Research & Extension Projects
    Biometry Department
Appropriate statistical methodologies for research on rubber
Identifying appropriate statistical methodologies and make suitable modifications for various research disciplines to improve interpretability of results
Wasana Wijesuriya, Keminda Herath
Environment and climate change
Studying the vulnerability of different rubber growing areas through important indicators of climate change
Wasana Wijesuriya, Keminda Herath
    Adaptive Research Department
Expansion of rubber cultivation to the Eastern province
Developing suitable protocols to cultivate rubber in the Intermediate zone of Eastern province of Sri Lanka
S M M Iqbal, V H L Rodrigo, R S Dharmakeerthi
Anthurium culture under mature rubber
To identify suitable varieties and systems to establish Anthurium under rubber 
W S Wettasinghe, V H L Rodrigo, S M M Iqbal
Assessment of different tapping systems practiced in the smallholder sector
Assessment of the performance of major recommend rubber clones under the tapping systems practiced in smallholdings
E S Munasinghe, V H L Rodrigo, S M M Iqbal