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Raw Rubber & Chemical Analysis Department
Evaluation of methods for preparation of dispersions for viscosity measurements in LATZ latex
Recommendations to produce latex with required viscosity will be made based on relationship between particle size and stability of dispersion
A  Attanayake, Susantha  Siriwardena
Survey on variation of raw rubber properties of TSR manufacture in Sri Lanka
This is intended to encourage the TSR manufactures to produce SLR certificates with ISO standards, to identify problem areas, and to make recommendations to achieve standards
Gamini Seneviratne, A Attanayaka
Factors affecting MST of NR latex with special emphasis to test conditions 
The objective is to identify the effect of test conditions on the results and to make recommendations on test results
Susantha  Siriwardena, A Attanayaka

Survey on variation of latex properties of centrifuged latex produced by different manufactures in Sri Lanka

This study will evaluate the variation of properties, identify problem areas, and make recommendations to improve the quality of latex in order to encourage industrialists to achieve ISO standards
A Attanayaka
Rubber Technology & Development Department
Latex foam for different applications
The objectives are to develop latex foam suitable for special applications and to transfer the newly developed technologies to latex foam manufacturing industries to enhance their earnings from locally made foam products
D G  Edirisinghe
Development of novel rubberized-coir articles
Major objective is to develop needy products for rubber plantations to replace harmful products for human being and environment.  This study will expand to develop variety of rubberized-coir based articles for local & foreign markets
D G  Edirisinghe
Development of rubber components for bio-medical applications
The study intends to support the field of bio-medical engineering by using the knowledge on rubber technology
 D G  Edirisinghe
Use of bio-polymers for tyre applications
Suitability of bio-polymers available in Sri Lanka as fillers in tyre tread compounds is investigated.  This also determines the optimum quantity of fillers, which provide suitable properties without any adverse effect on physical properties
M M  Jayasuriya
Protein free NR latex for latex based products to reduce latex allergy
Investigation of the methods to reduce the protein level in natural rubber latex to a greater extent to reduce the risk of latex allergy problems
M M Jayasuriya
Hydrophilic polymer coatings for gloves and various applications
It is intended to develop polymer coatings using hydrophilic polymers
M M  Jayasuriya