Research Managers
Major Research & Extension Projects
    Polymer Chemistry Department
Preparation of environmental friendly material out of waste materials
To make environmentally friend material from solid waste materials such as saw dust, plastics and waste rubber
Champa Wellappili

Safer preservative system for Natural Rubber (NR) latex

Reduction and elimination of type IV allergy and carcinogenic nitrosamine issues are investigated in this study
Champa Wellappili, H  N  K  K  Chandralal
Effects of metal ions on NR latex protein
Possible reduction in extractable NR latex proteins by using metal ions is the main objective of this study
Champa Wellappili, H  N  K  K  Chandralal
Preparation and characterization of stiffened NR
This study intends to improve elastic properties of NR film products
Champa Wellappili
Improving the prevulcanised NR latex stability
The aim is to maintain and improve storage stability of the prevulcanised latex
H  N  K  K  Chandralal, Champa Wellappili
    Biochemistry & Physiology Department
Effect of low temperature on Metrolac reading
Solving the temperature associated problems of measuring dry rubber content of latex using the Metrolac
K  V  V  S  Kudaligama, V H L Rodrigo, G V L Nilmini

Portable digital system to measure the dry rubber content in latex

Possibility of developing an electronic appliance to measure the dry rubber content of latex is investigated
V H L Rodrigo, K V V S Kudaligama
Low frequency tapping systems with liquid stimulation
Improving the productivity of rubber lands with Ethepon stimulants whilst addressing the problems of tapper shortage and high tapping cost
V H L Rodrigo, K  V  V  S  Kudaligama
Variation of non rubber constituents of latex in different Hevea genotypes
The aim is to investigate the clonal variation of organic and inorganic non rubber constituents of latex and its impact on raw rubber properties and latex weighing using the Metrolac
K V V S Kudaligama, V H L Rodrigo