Research Managers
Major Research & Extension Projects
    Plant Pathology & Microbiology Department
Chemical and biological control of Hevea pests
Recommending economically effective and less hazardous chemicals to control Hevea diseases and exploring the possibility of replacing chemicals with biological preparations
K E  Jayasuriya, W P K Silva, T H P S  Fernando

Screening of Hevea clones for leaf and panel diseases

Screening of Hevea clones to leaf and panel diseases under different agro-climatic conditions
W P K Silva, T H P S Fernando
Surveillance of potential pests
Identifying alternate hosts of rubber pathogens and their impacts on rubber to identify new potential pathogens for early detection of disease outbreaks
W P K Silva, T H P S  Fernando
Biology of pests
Further investigation of rubber pathogens to make new developments towards control and development of efficient integrated pest management systems
W P K Silva, T H P S  Fernando
Inherent and induced defense mechanisms
Understanding the process of pathogenesis of pathogen and the reactions of the host
K E  Jayasuriya , T H P S  Fernando, C K  Jayasinghe
Molecular biology of pathogens
Detecting all existing strains of rubber pathogens strengthening effective management of CLF disease and early detection of disease resistance of newly bred clones
S W P K Silva, T H P S Fernando .
    Soils & Plant Nutrition Department

Assessment of Mucuna bracteata as a novel cover crop for rubber

The efficiency of Mucuna bracteata compared to Pueraria phaseoloides on soil fertility and moisture management under rubber is being evaluated in this project
Lalani Samarappuli
Simple protocol for fertilizer recommendation to immature rubber with a simulation model based on ecophysiological parameters
To develop a user friendly system to issue site specific fertilizer recommendations for immature rubber crop based on simple indicators
R S Dharmakeerthi, V H L Rodrigo
Development of integrated weed management program for rubber lands   
This is intended to develop a cost effective and efficient weed management program for rubber plantations
Lalani Samarappuli
Use of organic manure in rubber cultivation  
Improving soil fertility and developing an integrated soil nutrient system (ISNS) in order to cut down cost of chemical fertilizers are the main objectives of this project
Lalani Samarappuli
An investigation of factors affecting on scion die-back in YB nurseries  
Main objectives are to identify the root causes of scion die back in some young budding plants and to develop agronomic practices to over come this problem
R S Dharmakeerthi, A M W K Senevirathna
Role of rubber plantations on combating adverse impacts of climate change
To emphasize the role of rubber plantations as a self-sustaining and environmentally acceptable ecosystem, which can withstand drought while simultaneously contributing to the maintenance of the global carbon balance
Lalani Samarappuli, Wasana Wijesuriya