Research Managers
     Genetics and Plant Breeding Department
Hand pollination/hybridization program and maintenance of hand pollination progenies
Annual Hand Pollination programme and Maintenance of Hand Pollination progenies and development of new hand pollination techniques.

Genotype Environment interaction studies in Rubber

Selecting highly stable and adaptable clones with high mean performance for the different agro-climatic regions of Sri Lanka.
Multiplication, Conservation, evaluation and utilization of the 1981 IRRDB Hevea germplasm

Development of new rubber clones and screening of available clones for nontraditional areas

Identification of molecular basis underlying tapping panel dryness (TPD) of Hevea brasiliensis  Muell Arg.

      Plant Science Department
Application of sodium nitroprusside on rubber seedlings grown in a glass house has improved the growth and root architecture while tolerable to heat stress conditions

Priming of rubber seeds with different chemicals has improved the germination percentage and seedling vigor

Plant selection in the nursery on the basis of girth continues to show a correlation between the initial girth and the girth in field plants up to commencement of  tapping.

Irrigation has improved the growth of plants in rubber nurseries as well as the productivity in nurseries.

IPlanting cinnamon at 4m x 3m in the 14m inter-row spaces of rubber can hold about 75% of the sole crop stands.  Rubber x Cinnamon system pays back the entire cost of both crops in 5 years

Low frequency tapping with stimulation seems to solve the tapper problem to a certain extent while assuring a reasonable period for bark renewal