: : Dr. C.K. Jayasinghe Wins Tan Sri B.C. Sekhar Gold Medal for Research Excellence : : Dr. W.M.G. Seneviratne has been assumed duties as the 12th Director of RRISL  : : New low cost rainguard sealent introduced : : Dr. V. H. L. Rodrigo bags SLAAS GRC award 2009  : :
Serving the Rubber Industry over 100 years
Development of Natural rubber industry through empowerment of Stakeholders
Rubber Prices Update
Date of Auction: 27.11.2014
Range (Rs/kg)
 Latex Crepe  
300.00 - Flat
290.00 -300.00
280.00 - 285.00
250.00 - 270.00
203.00 - 208 .00
Scrap Crepe  
195.00 - Flat
183.00 - 185.00
176.00 - 180.00
265.00 - Flat
Reap the benefits by
combating global warming
Short Course on Carbon Market
18th - 19th July 2013
Hotel Galadari, Colombo
Immediate action needed:
  Collar Rot Condition is spreading in nurseries
  It has been reported that a collar rot caused by the fungus Pythium spp.  is currently spreading in rubber nurseries.
  The most noticeable feature of this abnormality is the presence of tiny latex globules at the collar region of the seedlings. In some cases whitish cottony fungal growth is apparent at the base of the plant. Sudden wilt and death of the seedling is the final result if appropriate measures are not taken immediately. read more>>

Dr. C.K. Jayasinghe Wins Tan Sri B.C. Sekhar Gold Medal for Research Excellence

  The most striking event of the 2011 Annual General Meeting and International Rubber Conference of the International Rubber Research and Development Board was the presentation ceremony of Dr. B.C. Sekhar Gold Medal to Dr. C.K. Jayasinghe, in recognition of his lifetime achievements in global rubber industry specially in the field of Plant Protection. read more>>
Dr. W.M.G. Seneviratne has been assumed duties as the 12th Director of RRISL

Dr. W.M.G. Seneviratne has been assumed duties as the 12th Director of the Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka on the 17th of August this year since inception of the institute in the year 1909. read more>>

Farmer training programmes by the Advisory Services Department
  The Advisory Services Department of the RRISL has planned to conduct 51 farmer training programmes during the month of October 2011 to enhance the productivity and profitability of rubber smallholders. read more>>
Rubber trees in Eastern province began to give latex
  Rubber was introduced to Eastern province in 2004 by the Adaptive Research Unit of RRISL in collaboration with RDD. read more>>

Training opportunities: 

  Tapping Quality for Sustainable High Yields

If you are interested to get your field staff trained on this activity, please contact
Head, Plant Science Department through;

  e-mail: dirrri@sltnet.lk         Fax: 034-2247427  
Telephone: 034 -2247426, 034-2247383,
034 -3349999 readmore>>
"Power Mat" is commercially available now...
  The new cost effective and environmentally friendly weed control mat, "Power Mat" developed by the Rubber Technology and Development Department is now being produced commercially by Laugfs Corporation (Rubber) Ltd. read more>>
Be cautious: Cover crop Mucuna can harbour White Root Disease (WRD)
  Strictly adhere to RRISL recommendations when uprooting old clearings and during the land preparation for replanting. readmore>>
New rainguard sealent for a lower cost
  New rainguard sealent with enhanced adhesive and water proofing properties has been developed by the scientists at RRISL using a waste rubber material. readmore>>
RRI Scientist wins prestigious SLASS GRC award 2009
Protect your plantations :
Be cautious on gaseous stimulation
  It is apparent that when NR prices improve, different techniques are introduced to the industry by certain foreign companies in collaboration with local companies. read more>>
RRISL introduced new clones
  Production of new clones is a story of success at the RRISL. readmore>>
Production of new Hevea genotypes for better performance
...
Raise the quality of planting materials through improved nursery techniques
...
Use of cost effective and environmental friendly energy sources for drying rubber
...
Mucuna bracteata as a novel cover crop for improved soil fertility and moisture consevation
...
Screening of potential new Hevea clones for leaf and panel diseases
...
Quality improvements of natural rubber latex based products
...
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